Monthly Archives: August 2006

Sexual harrassment thinly disguised as picture-taking advice

Yesterday, waiting for my ride, I stood on the corner of La Salle and 9th Street in downtown Minneapolis and played with my new camera cell phone doodad. I’ve never had one before last week and I’m enthralled with the instant gratification of snapping and there’s your picture (better than polaroid!) — I can spend hours taking pixelated pictures of my foot, the wall, the carpet, etc.

I was looking skyward, framing a particularly boring shot of the top of a building, when 2 women and a man walked by. One of the women stopped beside me and looked up . . .

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Born-Again Gangstaz

There are two periods in the history of hip-hop that fascinate me.  The first is the period in the late ’70s where various musical and cultural influences came together in the Bronx to create the stuff.  I read today (on Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt) that the New York blackout of ’77 hastened the spread of hip-hop from the Bronx because of all the looting:  kids who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford the equipment were able to boost turntables, microphones, and other gear that let them start running their own street parties.  It’s a . . .

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When the flight attendant says, “Keep your seat belt fastened,” they mean it, buddy

A flight to Mumbai from Amsterdam on Wednesday had its own personal terror alert and was turned around, by the pilot, for an emergency landing — afterward, 12 passengers were held overnight by Dutch police. Why? The NYT has the scoop:

The pilot of Northwest Flight 42 . . . turned back about 20 minutes into the flight . . . after several passengers were observed passing cell phones back and forth and unfastening their seat belts.

Well, was the fasten seat belt light still on?!? If a man unfastens his seat belt, or . . .

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The other day I was talking about the University of Florida (where I spent part of my schooling) with some friends.

“There was a good community in the English department,” I said. “There wasn’t much to do in Gainesville, so there was a lot of drinking.”

My friend — let’s call call him “Mr. M,” to protect the innocent — created a word on the spot: “A comdrinkity!”

At the time, I found that to be wildly hilarious.

48 hours later? . . . Still funny!

(anybody have any made-up words to share?)