Daily Archives: August 25, 2006

When the flight attendant says, “Keep your seat belt fastened,” they mean it, buddy

A flight to Mumbai from Amsterdam on Wednesday had its own personal terror alert and was turned around, by the pilot, for an emergency landing — afterward, 12 passengers were held overnight by Dutch police. Why? The NYT has the scoop:

The pilot of Northwest Flight 42 . . . turned back about 20 minutes into the flight . . . after several passengers were observed passing cell phones back and forth and unfastening their seat belts.

Well, was the fasten seat belt light still on?!? If a man unfastens his seat belt, or . . .

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The other day I was talking about the University of Florida (where I spent part of my schooling) with some friends.

“There was a good community in the English department,” I said. “There wasn’t much to do in Gainesville, so there was a lot of drinking.”

My friend — let’s call call him “Mr. M,” to protect the innocent — created a word on the spot: “A comdrinkity!”

At the time, I found that to be wildly hilarious.

48 hours later? . . . Still funny!

(anybody have any made-up words to share?)