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The Lazy Man’s Version of Posting

What with the move and all—thanks to Salma, Dan, Kris, and Sarah—I haven’t had a lot of time to write. (Summary of my new apartment: I really like living off the ground again.) So here’s a short post, a roundup of what I’ve been watching, reading, and listening to this week:

Merry Krismix: For which I have Kris to thank. This is Kris’s half of our mix CD exchange, and compared to mine, it has a lot more, you know, mix. The 16 Horsepower, Go Team!, Asha Bhosle, and Gorillaz songs are my favorites. Plus, “Rudie Can’t Fail” reminded me . . .

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My Continuing Disappointment with Gandhi

A couple of days ago, I posted a comment on Gandhi’s attitude towards doctors and nutrition, which surprised me. The quote had come from a book called “Hind Swaraj” (“Indian Home Rule”) which was first compiled in 1909. It contains many rather upsetting and mind-boggling assertions of Gandhi’s, including a tirade against railways for working against natural segregation of people and thus spreading the Bubonic plague. I figured this was a decade or so before Gandhism truly took off, and the, how can I put this delicately, craziness of his words could therefore be attributed . . .

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Mississippi apologist

Famous Mississippi Author PosterMy sister sent me this link — — which has a series of posters like this one (see left) talking up the Magnolia state. The gist of the ads are, basically, that Mississippi has famous people (famous writers, famous actors and singers, famous football players), culture (the USA International Ballet Competition), and industry (space center that builds the shuttle, big Nissan automotive plant).

These posters, this Web site; it’s a gift from a Mississippi-based . . .

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Oh, they know

In Michigan, three Palestinian-American men were arrested last week after being found to be in possession of nearly 1000 disposable cell phones. They are under suspiscion of participating in a scheme to sell the phones to help fund a terrorist cell. In a similar case in Ohio, charges were recently dropped, but Caro, Mich. police are holding firm. From the Star Tribune:

The FBI said Monday that it had no indication that the men had any ties to known terrorist groups. Local prosecutors, however, were standing by the charges.

. . .

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