Monthly Archives: October 2006

Things to do in Denver when you’re alive

I couldn’t find any. At least not when you’re working 7 to 7 at the convention center. I did eat at the Appaloosa grill downtown, which was pretty good, but I made the mistake, out of overwhelming curiosity, of ordering the crawfish etouffee. In Denver.

I also saw a large blue bear menacing the Colorado Convention Center, and got the above pic, so all is not lost.

Netflix Failure #3: Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II (2005)

Because just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he deserves a movie.  And just because he got a movie anyway doesn’t mean it’s good.  As the steadily balding and steadfastly boring cinematic pope, Thomas Kretschmann treads water for a while until a tidal wave of the usual biopic suspects (temporal fragmentation, indifference to characterization or theme, dialogue bound for Barlett’s Familiar Quotations) drags him under.

Guarded optimism

First off, “commerations” to Pulao on a prelim turn-in!

Secondly, in the upcoming elections, all the winds seem to be blowing in the right correct direction. And I must say, I’m hoping to have a big celebration on election night, but three things caught my eye today. None of these stories suggest that opinion in this country is changing, but it does remind me that it takes more than opinion to win in electoral politics.

It first takes a transparent and clear system for voting. And with the NY Times analysis of voting maching troubles that don’t even have . . .

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