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Not-Quite-Ready-For-McSweeney’s Lists

Do you ever read McSweeney’s Internet Tendency? It’s funny, you should check it out: especially the lists.

The McSweeney’s humorous list, some friends of mine and I were thinking, has become a genre all its own. And it seems many a dabbler in the Intarwebs has submitted a list to McSweeney’s and been rejected. A casual inquiry turned up four instances, one of them being me.

But reading my friends’ lists, and rereading my own McSweeney’s reject, made me realize that, although they missed publication due to hard luck, I was very glad . . .

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Serious Trivia and Free Rice

The fifth installment of the Triple Rock Social Club’s Pub Trivia Night is tonight at 8 p.m. If you weren’t planning on going, I would instead. Triple Rock Trivia has proved to be some serious fun.

At the end of this post is a pop vocabulary quiz. But first, a little history of Triple Rock Trivia Nights so far:

The first time out, the winners were “The Winners” — a team who, full of optimism, named themselves that, then spent all the goodwill they may have garnered with their winsome name by actually winning.

When “The Winners” kept their name, . . .

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The Buttery Wine of the Zarafa Giraffe

Zarafa 2007 PinotageZarafa (South Africa)
2007 Pinotage
$4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

Pulao and I started to frequent Trader Joe’s last fall, and we’ve waited for the wine on the cheap God-send to stock a Pinotage ever since. This past Saturday we found it.

If you’ve never had a Pinotage, get to it! Two of our friends, dbay and Duodecad, introduced Pulao and I to the Pinotage varietal a year or so back. “This red wine tastes like butter,” they said. If that doesn’t sound good to you — well, that’s . . .

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Complicated and Opaque

Last week, I got my yearly performance review. Although the words in the review seemed pretty positive, the number ended up being a positively small 3%.

Don’t get me wrong! — a 3% raise is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (don’t try that at home). But I think my company makes it hard to get the big raises on purpose. The performance review is all online, and a big part of it is a self-assessment. Check out the instructions:

1. At least one objective should be set for each scorecard category.
2. No . . .

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