Daily Archives: November 3, 2008

Go early tomorrow and . . .


That was for everybody.

Minneapolis readers: Wonder which “Soil and water supervisor Seat 3” you should give your vote to this year?

Check out the StarTribune’s “My Vote” site: entering your address will give you your polling location and a sample ballot — so you can research all the ins and outs of the less-contested seats. Check it out here.

The Word on the Street

My friend Angela and I went canvassing for Obama today in NE Minneapolis.

You may have encountered this from the other side of the door; somebody rings your bell on a Sunday while you’re trying to enjoy the ballgame, a guy standing there with three political buttons and a stack of papers, and asks you to vote his way. Today, that was me.

I got a lot of unanswered knocks, which is usual for this sort of thing. I got a lot of dismissive waves and “not interested”s, which is not unusual, although I didn’t think I was selling anything . . .

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