Yearly Archives: 2012

Day Father vs. Night Father

As a very-new father (my son Kunal, pictured here, is two weeks old), I’ve decided to adopt different parenting styles depending on the time of day.

If the sun is shining (and I wasn’t awake to see it rise), I change Kunal’s diaper with a silly song I just made up. When he cries, I say “Ohhhhh nonononono,” and give him little kisses on his forehead. I talk to him with a lot of baby talk and smiles, . . .

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What I Learned From My Dad

Dad in Austrailia

My dad died of cancer in February. He was 75. Since then I’ve been thinking about him a lot, and what I learned from him.

My wife Pulao and I each take out a small amount of cash every week just to spend on ourselves. My mother-in-law once asked me: “What do you spend yours on?”

“Drinks maybe,” I said. “Shooting pool, going to a casino.”

“Oh,” she said. “All bad things.”

I learned all my bad things . . .

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