The Flying Hamster of Doom

the flying hamster of doom, who will rain coconuts down on your pitiful city (natch)What to say? I saw this image on a bumper sticker and missed my turn so I could make sure it said what I thought it said.

He’s cute. You’re not the hamster of doom, are you little hamster?

Googling “flying hamster of doom” and “coconuts” yields 116 results (meaning this hamster barely exists in Google terms), one of which is the above image, exactly what I saw on the car.

None of the results explain. All of them are like me — “saw this on a bumpersticker,” “inspired by a sticker at Hot Topic,” “hehe . . . BEWARE THE FLYING HAMSTER OF DOOM!!!”

They range from the misspelled:

the flying hamster of doom, which reins coconuts upon your pitiful city, …

To the cursed:

May The Evil Flying Hamster Of Doom Rain Coconut On Your Pitiful Town….

To the present perfect tense:

The Flying Hamster of Doom has rained coconuts on my pitiful city. …

To the political:

Our mascot will the flying hamster of doom who will rain coconuts down on Congress.

Good idea!

I finally turned to the Urban Dictionary, which had this helpful result:

1. flying hamster of doom

a winged hamster welding coconuts.

Well, why didn’t you just say so?

If anyone has any information regarding this hamster, send it in — before it’s too late.

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