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Reserving the Right to Declare my Boner

[N.B. For those of you offended by the title of this post, I apologize. I simply could not resist the double entendre]

Yesterday’s election finally proved the cynics and naysayers wrong. The defeatism evident in the public statements of men like Karl Rove and Steve Schmidt was shown to be premature, as Americans collectively proved that they are still as susceptible as ever to overblown rhetoric and political posturing. Obama supporters are elated, and they have every right to be: their candidate for president won an historic victory and won decisively. Like many people, I was overwhelmed by the announcement . . .

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Suburban Epiphanies

One of the advantages of living in the Jersey suburbs with your sixty-three year old retired father is that you get to perform all manner of menial tasks in a futile attempt to mitigate his desire to prevent idle hands from lingering about. (It’s worth pointing out that my Internet traffic in recent weeks undoubtedly proves just how Sisyphean his task really is.) Yesterday it was shampooing urine stains left by my now deceased geriatric dog out of the carpet in our living room. Today it was blowing the leaves on my front lawn as my uber-conservative neighbor pounded cold . . .

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