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Party Report

I’m blogging from Kris and Pulao’s house. It’s the middle of an insane party. All the 12apostrophes bloggers are here. (Apparently the India crowd’s plane was delayed). Things started out tame but it’s getting more interesting. Last I looked, people are in the living room doing gigantic whiskey bongs. Michael is in charge of that. In the red room, people are fighting over the Wii. I gave up because I can’t return a serve or putt. Since I left, the paint on the wall was chipped, at least one person drew blood, and Daniel fell in love.

Let’s see what’s happening in the . . .

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The Collective Intellect of the U.S.

Some of you may already have seen the YouTube video documenting American intellectual prowess, but in case not, it’s worth a view. Watch it and decide if it’s depressing or hilarious….

It’s called Americans Are Not Stupid, with Subtitles. It’s a few minutes long.

This reminds me of a funny story. Or a depressing story. Definitely a related story. Yesterday a member of my family sent a petition to other members of my family (not me). The petition was one of those bogus right-wing scare tactic petitions talking about how the bad “illegals” are trying to steal good, . . .

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Happy Election Day!

I hope everyone who can vote is voting today. And I hope you vote for the good guys. I’m swinging wildly between optimism and pessimism from minute to minute, to the point that I may soon need a hamburger / some drugs to calm me down. Time to go to Burger King.

Meanwhile, here’s a good news / bad news round-up for election day:

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day! This will make some people very happy. Arrr. If you go with it, this could bring you pleasant distraction for at least 3 minutes. To help you facilitate that, try the Pirate Translator. I just plugged in that last sentence and got “Aye, t’ help you facilitate that, try the Pirate Translator. Gar.” but I’m disappointed because pirates don’t say “facilitate.” Oh well. See what results you get.

Ahoy and walk the plank.

Fewer Little Things…

Hey, not that I really mind sitting atop somebody’s home page for days on end, but can someone post something a little more interesting than my dopey M & Ms sidetrack? It’s embarrassing me that it’s still lingering on top of 12apostrophes. Where is everybody?

Here’s some news briefs to get you going:

  • The Health Minister of South Africa—the country where 1 in 10 people has the HIV virus—has been publicly advocating vegetables and garlic as the best way to manage the disease. She went to an international AIDS conference in Toronto last month and displayed a table . . .

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