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My friend Ali died two days ago in a hit and run in South Extension, New Delhi. It’s probably not quite right to say “my friend” the way I just did, because I hadn’t talked to him in many years, not counting fleeting Facebook interactions. He was a wonderful person, and had many people as his more current and better friends, who will probably shake their heads in disappointment at the way I’m claiming a piece of him. But, even before this week, it would have been wrong to say “former friend,” which would have suggested a falling out. There . . .

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Single Women are from Mars…

Look out, single women in the workforce! You have a potent enemy. Oh, did you think it was the ever-looming specter of sexual harassment that accounts for the continuing hostile work environment that women face (in 2008 31% of women polled reported having being harassed at work)? Well, it’s not.

What? It’s the whispers behind your back that you got to the top because you’re a woman given special consideration in this age of affirmative action rather than because you’re good at what you do? WRONG.

And, don’t even think that it’s the culture of shameless self-promotion that . . .

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The Unviewed Reviews

Did you guys see Up?

I would say it’s easily one my favorite movies this year, but that’s beside the point. I guess the question I really want to ask is, did you read any of the reviews for Up?

Here’s a few excerpts from Up‘s metacritic page. See if you find anything in common in the language, beyond the fact that most critics seem to adore it.

A captivating odd-couple adventure that becomes funnier and more exciting as it flies along.– Variety

A lovely, thoughtful, and yes, uplifting adventure.– Entertainment Weekly

Rousing, exhilarating entertainment.– . . .

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Ruin The Joke!

At Christmas this year, my ten year-old nephew (the one who inspired Kris’s silliness below, and left) told us this joke, and then explained to us what made it funny– he pointed out that it’s usually funnier when you have to figure out what the punch line means, instead of having it explained to you. So we’ve been thinking about how to ruin jokes, and thought it might make for a fun 12apostrophes game.

Here’s an example:

A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, “why are you so sad?”

(See, the REAL line is, the bartender asks, . . .

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