Caddies and Connecticut

Some things have to be shared because your brain, by itself, doesn’t know what to do with the information… I discovered a site called CaddyChicks today, thanks to Wendy at Metroblogging Minneapolis:

The gist? Golfers can hire hot little college girls looking for money to be their golf caddy. When applying to be a caddy, it lets potential golf bag carriers designate how much they charge per round, how comfortable they are with the sport, and whether they prefer to walk or drive a golf cart. Golfers get to check out their height, weight, and eye color before choosing which one they like the best…. Their tagline? “Who’s Your Caddy?”

Hilarious. Cheesy. Depressing. Inevitable. It is really funny though. 

Let’s try to connect CaddyChicks to politics in Connecticut, which must also be discussed today because as we know, today is the Democratic primary in Connecticut. And WE ALL WANT JOE LIEBERMAN to lose. Not only that, we want Ned Lamont to win. 

The reason I want Joe Lieberman to lose, besides the fact that he’s a Republican in denial, votes with conservatives more than his own party, and supported a baseless war, is that he’s a cruel, clueless idiot when it comes to women’s basic rights. I don’t understand why the Lamont supporters endlessly talk about the war when they could hammer the other point home so easily. 

Yep, Lieberman supports hospitals’ rights to deny contraceptives to rape victims. Joementum doesn’t just think it’s ok to deny women contraceptives, he thinks it’s ok for hospitals to keep them from rape victims if they want to. His quote

“In Connecticut, it shouldn’t take more than a short ride to get to another hospital.” 

You’ve probably heard that before, but since I don’t hear Lamont supporters (and everyone) saying it over and over and over the way I think they should, I’m saying it again here. Please oh please, get Joe Lieberman out of the Senate and out of the Democratic party. Let today end with a Ned Lamont victory. 

Oh yeah, let’s connect CaddyChicks and Connecticut…. If you can pick a caddy that way, why not a candidate? We could get rid of paid ads, corruption, lobbyists and the entire campaign trail if we nominated and voted for candidates with a Web form. They list their views, you pick the best match. 

But the most American way to adapt the CaddyChicks logic would be the good-looking premium, on everything. Want your dinner served to you by a good-looking waiter? Pay the good-looking tax! Want the good-looking bartender, bank teller, doctor? Pay up. 

Hey, what about a competency tax? I’d pay for that.

2 Responses to Caddies and Connecticut

  1. Kris says:

    It is a close race between which is more disturbing, CaddyChicks or Lieberman’s puritanical policy violence against women. At least the CaddyChick phenomenon is also funny (as well as distrubing). Ha ha.

    Imagine, a national competency tax: if we could all have 1% of our paychecks withheld to ensure competency in the office of the president . . . sigh.

  2. Kris says:

    NYT has a cool interactive Web 2006 election guide, highlighting key races in different states.

    If you aren’t registered with NYT, you can login 12apostrophes, password 12apostrophes (thanks Pulao!)

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