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The Princess and the rice

When something’s on sale at the grocery store, it’s old. Expired. The opposite of fresh. That’s why it’s on sale. Check it out next time. Ribeye for 3.99 a pound? That’s last week’s ribeye. Look at it closely. A little grey, isn’t it? Best if sold by yesterday? Let me tell you, you gotta pay attention to this stuff.

Before Christmas break, Pulao and I bought some sale rice. The first time we had it, Pulao said it tasted bad. “It’s a little bitter,” she said. Ha! I scoffed. It tasted fine to me. We ate it again. . . .

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Happy anniversary to me

Today, for an hour or so still, is my wife and I’s second four-years-of-marriage anniversary.

Not that we’ve been married 8 years, just that we were married twice. Three times, actually. To each other. Not that we were divorced.

Hmmm . . .

It’s really very simple. It was important to my parents and grandmother that Maddy and I be married in the Catholic Church. Sure, we said. We weren’t any more Catholic than anybody else (and very much less Catholic than Catholics), but we were flexible.

The priest was flexible, too, but not that flexible. “Will you promise to . . .

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