Happy Election Day!

I hope everyone who can vote is voting today. And I hope you vote for the good guys. I’m swinging wildly between optimism and pessimism from minute to minute, to the point that I may soon need a hamburger / some drugs to calm me down. Time to go to Burger King.

Meanwhile, here’s a good news / bad news round-up for election day:

And finally, I liked this take from Toronto Star, detailing what a possible Dem win would look like, and how it might impact Canada. One thing I liked about this article is that the writer acknowledged what so few in the U.S. establishment see, but what’s been clear for a long time to much of the rest of the world: the current roster of U.S. Dems are so moderate that they’re right of center. In Canada, they’d be in the Conservative party. When I reflect on that, I’m reminded how far right the U.S. has gone in recent years.

Which brings me back to wildly jumping between optimism and pessimism today. Here’s to the political pendulum swinging—ever so slightly—in a better direction. Pretty please?

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