Hodgman for Free

The Areas of My Expertise As of 2:49 PM CMT, John Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise audiobook is available as a free download on iTunes. But for how long . . .

You may have seen Hodgman as the winning, deadpan, occasional correspondent on The Daily Show. He’s also been recently immortalized as “PC” in the back-and-forth PC v. Mac ads.

The book, my friends Dan and Salma say, is hilarious. I’ve got my download, hopefully ready to make the long, long flight to India seem a little shorter. Read by the author!

Follow this link to iTunes free download.

10 Responses to Hodgman for Free

  1. Pulao says:

    I’m so excited about this. It is abridged, though, so that sucks.

  2. anirban says:

    When do you guys leave?

  3. Kris says:

    Xmas morning, 10:10 AM, arrive 26th Dec. 11:30 PM. You’ll be there at the airport, right? 🙂

  4. dbay says:

    Who’s anirban?

  5. anirban says:

    Angshuman’s & Mumpa’s cousin. Kris’s brother in law as per Rules of Great Indian Relationships forged through Blood, Marriage and Domicile (“RGIRFTBMD”) For security reasons… since there are more than a billion of us… we believe that everyone should know everybody and to the best extent possible be related to them.

    Sorry Kris… I don’t mind picking you up from Bombay airport.. Delhi looks like a bit of a problem. Too bad you guys put in a trip to Bombay this time. Its nice and warm here in the winters. Ma & Molly’ll be in Delhi though. I’m still trying to swing it. Will definitely try and meet you guys if I make it to NYC this Jan.

  6. anirban says:

    Actually make that… Aakaash’s & Pulao’s cousin.

    and it should read… “Will definitely Meet you guys if I make it to NYC this Jan…”

  7. anirban says:

    Damn… it should also read ” Too bad you guys can’t put in a trip to Bombay this time.”

    The error is regretted. So is the lack of sleep. Where’s damn brain?

  8. Kris says:

    Damn brain . . . always “thinking”. Gotta stop that . . .

    I heard about NY, NY, and am VERY excited. So far, we decided (didn’t we tell you?) that you will come here at least once and Madhurima will go there at least once and maybe me (depending on the rate of recovery my boss has from my 3 weeks in India).

    As for Mumbai, I am 100% for a Mumbai trip. Bollywood! High Finance! Bhel Puri! But we’re not going, huh? I wonder how I turn my desire into reality . . . maybe I should tell somebody

  9. Aakaash says:

    I guess nobody is talkling about the actual POST any more – all thanks to this Anirban. Who, by the way, TOTALLY revealed secret identities – a major no no. And I could still have got away with it by saying something like “Too bad for Angshuman, whoever he is”, but then Anirban gloriously CLARIFIED it by mentioning the aliases. In his APOLOGY no less. I reccomend we ban this guy – at least until he’s done reading Civil War anyway…

  10. anirban says:

    Funny how spending more than a year in India makes Aakash join the Ban ‘Banned’wagon. So whats it going to be? Ban AnirBAN BANerji till he finishes Civil War? Anyone out here reading it? Anyone regret the absence of Bruce BANner?

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