I have vacation plans on Sept 1st, 2008!

Uggghhh. What a disaster. GOP slime everywhere in the friendly confines of my hometown. The only good thing about this is that it will finally signal the end of a dark eight years. 

The New York Review of Books had a long review of Cheney’s life and history. It is really depressing. His entire life has led up to this moment: stripping power from everyone not in the executive office, starting needless wars because it fits his ancient cold war mentality, marking dissent from extremist policies as traitorous. It all extends from his living in Madison (yes, Mad-town again) during the Vietnam-era revolts against abusive power, and his disgust at it. He is quoted as saying something to the effect that he was the only person who wore a suit around town at the time. And somehow that is where his world view extends. Anyone who doesn’t agree with him is just another non-suit wearing Madisonian hippie. A very long way of saying the only thing I will be celebrating having legions of mindless, flag-waving idiots descending on this town, is that Cheney’s reign will soon be over.

Which I suppose is all to say this to fellow Twin Citians (apologies to those outside the metro): September 1-4, 2008 — time to plan that extended vacation to Canada or time to polish off the old protest signs? Will friendly old St. Paul become a military-style town a la Miami or New York? Probably so, and I’m not sure I could bare to see it.


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