Naming Movies

The Oscars are tonight, and movie talk is in the air. Last night, my friend Katie L realized that there was this pattern in film titles, and we’ve decided to turn it into a little contest. How many movie titles (of films that actually exist, not ones you think would sound awesome) can you think of that follow the pattern *Present Continuous Verb* + *Verb’s Direct Object*? One could argue that these titles end up being gerunds, but that’s neither here nor there. Sound silly? A little specific? There are actually quite a few that we could think of:

Becoming Jane, Being There, Boxing Helena, Chasing Amy, Driving Miss Daisy, Drowning Mona, Eating Raoul, Educating rita, Feeling Minnesota, Finding Forrester, Finding Nemo, Inventing the Abbots, Killing Zoe, Kissing Jessica Stein, Leaving Las Vegas, Losing Isaiah, Pushing Tin, Raising Arizona, Regarding Henry, Saving Private Ryan, Saving Silverman, Stealing Harvard, Waking Ned Devine.

If you’d like, you can branch out to TV shows and songs for half the points. Here’s something to start you off:

TV Shows– Crossing Jordan, Judging Amy, Pushing Daisies, and Watching Ellie.

Songs– Losing My Religion. (We didn’t spend much time on songs.)

Here are the rules:

1. No adjectives plus nouns. Eg., Raging Bull, Sliding Doors– not allowed.

2. No verbs plus prepositions. Eg., Waiting for Guffman– nope, sorry.

3. Nothing longer that the verb plus object formula. So, Killing Me Softly does not work.


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