Our cat is like a kid, only more dumb

Our cat, Hank, decided at 5:15 this morning that my wife and I should definitely get out of bed.

He communicated this by repeatedly jumping on the bed, meowing, and scratching my wife’s face. Normally, I would think this was no big deal, except she insisted on giving a running commentary of it to me which interfered with my sleep.

After a few minutes of this, Pulao got up and closed the door to the bedroom, which was a good idea, but Hank doesn’t quite grasp the closed-door concept. He scratched the door, rattled it, and meowed; all much more loudly than you would expect a medium-sized animal to be able to do.

Luckily, he has a short attention span, so after ten minutes of scratching, rattling, and meowing, he grew tired of it and wandered off through the apartment.

But unluckily, Hank has a very short attention span, so after about 5 minutes of wandering through the apartment he thought: “What was I doing? Oh yeah.” Scratch. Rattle. Meow. Repeat indefinitely.

This made me think about when I have children, and how Hank disturbing my sleep might be like having a baby.

But really, more like a special baby, who will never learn to talk, or feed himself, or draw birthday cards for me very well.

So, Cats v. Babies. Thoughts?

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