Pretzels, Party-tricks, and politics

Patriotic pretzels

Patriotic pretzels

This product got me thinking — is it even possible to come up with 5-10 food products less likely to be patriotized than pretzels?


This has got to be harder than hitting a 90 MPH fastball:


On more serious Minnesota political notes,

1) When does Al Franken get to be Senator already?

2) Why doesn’t anyone seem to care that Minnesota’s Governor is behaving like a King?

3) At least one piece of good news for Minnesota baseball fans — no increase in garbage burning coming from right field…

5 Responses to Pretzels, Party-tricks, and politics

  1. Kris says:


    1. Patriot brussels sprouts
    2. Patriot foie gras
    3. Patriot Lean Cuisine Deluxe Pizza (TM)
    4. Patriot balsamic vinegar
    5. Patriot pork loin

  2. Pulao says:

    I’m not sure about the pork loin either.

    How about foods that are so obviously patriotic, it’s surprising they don’t come in red, white, an blue all year round? I’ll start it off..

    1. Hot dogs
    2. Cheese curds
    3. Freedom fries

  3. Kris says:

    Are lima beans definitely patriotic or definitely not patriotic? That is the question.

    For should-be-cooked-with-red-white-and-blue-food-coloring category, I submit the humble, the obvious — apple pie. Thank you.

    And NY-style pizza. Mmm.

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