Sexual harrassment thinly disguised as picture-taking advice

Yesterday, waiting for my ride, I stood on the corner of La Salle and 9th Street in downtown Minneapolis and played with my new camera cell phone doodad. I’ve never had one before last week and I’m enthralled with the instant gratification of snapping and there’s your picture (better than polaroid!) — I can spend hours taking pixelated pictures of my foot, the wall, the carpet, etc.

I was looking skyward, framing a particularly boring shot of the top of a building, when 2 women and a man walked by. One of the women stopped beside me and looked up where I was looking. Then she said, “You can take a picture much better from this angle,” squatted low to the ground, and thrust her widish bottom waaay out towards my crotch.

She was about an inch and a half away from molesting me.

She stood up and laughed and walked off, and her friends laughed, and I laughed. I wish now that I had taken a picture of her ass. But that might have been me harrassing her (no pun intended). More importantly, though, taking her picture might have led to more interaction or conversation with a woman who was obviously insane. And then, too, I would have had a picture of her butt on my cell phone. Nobody wants that.

I felt kinda dirty afterward. But I was asking for it. You should have seen the tight jeans I was wearing.

5 Responses to Sexual harrassment thinly disguised as picture-taking advice

  1. Matt says:

    Aren’t there websites for that kind of thing? I bet if you Googled “camera phone butt,” you’d come up with a couple.

    By they way, I’ve got an Abbey Lincoln CD for you.

  2. Krystal says:

    Yes, I did it. I googled it. I can’t tell you what I found, but it was more than a couple.

  3. Kris says:

    I want to google that SO BAD. But it is too gross. I’ll wait until I’m at work tomorrow

  4. Krystal says:

    I’ll warn you. It is very gross – though some may not think so.

  5. Pulao says:

    I really never have understood what makes people “expose” their butts. I think it’s normal to try and keep your butt covered, and to yourself. The idea of ever being mooned scares me– what’s the appropriate response? Are you supposed to be disgusted? (But then why would anyone elicit disgust directed towards their body? Mooners must be people very, very secure with their be-hinds.) Are you supposed to be enthralled? (And thus forced to become a pervert?) Are you supposed to be impressed? (Don’t we all have butts?)

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