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You might’ve seen these avatars floating about on the web (the electronic image type not the incarnation of a Hindu deity as Vishnu, although  . . . these days . . .you never know especially considering the last caption contest). I don’t know if this is old hat since I am in Finland and there is a lag where much of American “culture” is filtered down over time which is a good thing. Anyway a friend of mine had a Simpsons avatar of himself on his website and I thought that’s neat. So instead of doing real work I decided to waste about an hour or so creating my own avatar and uploading it here.


I was a bit disappointed on the facial hair choices (Dr. Nick’s goatee being the closest to my own) so I went for the “clean look” which I haven’t worn in awhile. It’s fun to do and worth checking out especially because this kind of procrastination has at least an end product.

Here’s the link:

 Also if you want to be hardcore you can send them your photo and they will Simpsonize it for you!

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