Sub-committees, request forms, and edits

This is more of a test I suppose for the first blog post, but also something of a contest. It comes in two parts:

1. Why 12 apostrophes? Does a favorite passage of yours have 12? Or is there something about 12? Maybe after reading that, I’d like my moniker to be duodecad?

2. This is the more contesty part of the contest. Here is a passage I just had to edit:

In conclusion, organizational cultural competency presents a dynamic interaction between an agency/program’s developmental continuum and a multi-component revolving cultural competency of individuals working within that system. The individual’s cultural competency is an actice, on-going interaction between its key components and its outcome depends on agency system’s cultural competency.

Now the contest — can you simplify this into five words or less?

6 Responses to Sub-committees, request forms, and edits

  1. Kris says:

    Well, the 12 in 12 apostrophes either makes the name a sacrilegious pun or a veiled reference to a line in Finnegan\\\’s Wake. You\\\’d have to ask Krystal Lamm or Angshuman Chakraborty, who, if I remember right, came up with the name and then I promptly stole it. It\\\’s all coming back to me now . . . yep, I stole it.

    As for the contest, how about \\\”This is total bull shit\\\”? Or does that strike the wrong tone? (if you grant some artistic license, it makes it five words EXACTLY)

  2. db says:

    um, here’s the finnegans wake page (p. 126)

    i remember there was a “heritage” copy of finnegans wake that was always floating around in someone’s apartment. we would just open up to a random page and start reading from it, and one of those days it dropped open to p. 126.

    also, i don’t remember if anyone really knew about this: i wrote a play called 12 apostrophes.

  3. Kris says:

    I have requested permission from the author, DB (not to be confused with dbay), to reprint 12 apostrophes the play in installments on, provided that it is in the same vein as previous plays by DB, like “Motherfucking Nazi Hamsters”, previously first published on an older incarnation of 12apostrophes the Web site.

  4. karah says:

    I for one want badly to read motherfucking nazi hamsters. I don’t think I saw that on the first site. Surely I’d remember it.

  5. Krystal says:

    I’m glad this blog exists.

    And I love when people steal things from me, relieves the guilt of never having realized my own dreams. As an iNTP, I birth brain-childs and then abandon.

    5 Words – I can’t even say hello in 5 words.

  6. Lin says:

    No freaking way. I’m absolutely disagreeing. Next time when you post something think about reaction of readers.

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