Tagline contest

As you may have noticed, 12apostrophes now has a tagline. Actually, more than one. Click the logo and refresh the page. Go ahead. See? Random, rotating taglines.

You may have seen this before, on other blogs, on lots of blogs, including blogs that are actually very popular. Blogs, perhaps, that we link to from our own blog. That’s OK. We don’t care about that right now.

What we are interested in is getting more witty taglines for our rotation.

So far we have three:

the most overused and underappreciated punctuation mark in the English language

the Flying Hamster of Doom will rain coconuts on your pitiful city

signs of the apocalypse

Plus one more that’s waiting to make the cut:

fuzzy in all the wrong places

OK, now comment with more, new, witty taglines. Or few, old, dull taglines. Whatever you like. Few will enter, many will win!

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