The NRA Tackles the Nuclear Issue

Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki

There’s been a lot of talk about nuclear weapons in the news lately. That nuclear weapons are the problem. You know, I grew up around nuclear weapons, and not once have I ever seen a nuclear weapon arm itself, load its payload into a ballistic missile, and fire itself at an unsuspecting city.

It takes two people to turn the little keys around their necks in two locks at the same time, open the protective covering, and push that little red button.

If you’re a criminal, you don’t care about the nuclear weapons laws on the books. “Oh it’s illegal to buy nuclear weapons, I guess I’d better not then,” said no criminal, ever. When nuclear weapons are (more) criminalized, then only criminals will have nuclear weapons.

If crazy people want to kill people, they’ll find a way. How many people can you kill at once with a nuclear weapon? 20 million? There are plenty of conventional warfare methods with which you can kill that many people, easy, if you have a mind to. Are we going to outlaw Dasiy Cutter bombs next? Fuel-air bombs? Mortar shells?

Making drugs illegal sure has kept people from using drugs, I’m sure more nuclear weapons laws will be just as effective. Besides, there are already so many nuclear weapons in circulation now, any more laws would be pointless.

If the problem is nuclear weapons in schools, let’s arm the teachers with nuclear weapons!

I really think what we have here is a mental health issue.

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  1. Rahul says:

    Just so people know what their hard-earned taxes pay for, there are mutpille WBD or CBRNE teams located domestically. Trained and responding virtually daily to threats, hoaxes, incidents and suspicious material. DOD has a very robust capability, but the military is actually a support to lead civilain agencies domestically. FBI, EPA, USCG (when acting under DHS authorities) CDC, and DOE all have lead jurisdictions in specific situations (think terrorism vs oil spill vs illegal hazmat dumping, etc). In addition, most of the major police depts in the country (NYPD, LAPD, etc) have dedicated WMD response teams as do most medium to large Fire Departments. All of the civilian public safety bomb squads get WMD recognition and awareness training in the basic school at Redstone Arsenal. This includes our civilain WMD teams getting the same training as the DOD teams (I went through the live agent training seen on the video as a civilian LEO WMD officer in 1996 at the same location/school DOD uses.) I am not trying to take away from what our brothers in DOD do-but wanted to point out that the domestic civilian first responder and federal LEO community has invested alot of time, talent and funding on this mission and each day respond to these threats in some way (as of this writing in 1 single investigation a mass mailing of 97 white powder threat letters has been traced back to 1 individual). And just like in the EOD world, in WMD it’s all real until you prove it’s not. Lets stay safe out there guys-thanks for what you do each day./

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