Daily Archives: August 14, 2006

The Break-Up

What I hate about Jennifer Aniston is that she’s a moderately talented sitcom star whom celebrity magazines treat like the next Julia Roberts. If they gave such a break to, say, Maura Tierney, I wouldn’t complain. Tierney got her sitcom break on the underappreciated NewsRadio at around the same time Aniston landed Friends. They were originally known for doing comedy; both have tried to branch out. They even look a bit alike. But the similarity ends there, because Tierney is a phenomenal actress (she’s carried me through three or four otherwise unwatchable seasons of ER now), whereas Aniston is…a moderately . . .

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Kuiper Belt objects

It looks as if Pluto will be ‘unclassified’ a planet and ‘reclassified’ a Kuiper Belt object. Now, I’m all for greater knowledge and understanding, but isn’t this a bit of a waste of time?

I kind of feel like this would be the same thing as some group of alphabetologists informing everyone that the alphabet isn’t really ordered as well as possible and that all the vowels should be at the beginning for greater understanding. Possibly it would be a better system and more technically correct, but it brings up a tough question, is it worthwhile to re-categorize something . . .

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Poor Alan Schlesinger

Did anyone in the Connecticut last week stop to think about how Mr. Schlesinger might feel? From Friday’s NYT:

Republicans have a candidate in the Connecticut race this fall, Alan Schlesinger, but he has struggled to raise money or attract interest amid the Lieberman-Lamont contest.

If you can’t run a nice candidate for the Senate, my mother used to say, then don’t run anybody at all. From the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star-Tribune:

The campaign of Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Alan Schlesinger has been so troubled that Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell urged him . . .

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