Daily Archives: August 17, 2006

Oh, they know

In Michigan, three Palestinian-American men were arrested last week after being found to be in possession of nearly 1000 disposable cell phones. They are under suspiscion of participating in a scheme to sell the phones to help fund a terrorist cell. In a similar case in Ohio, charges were recently dropped, but Caro, Mich. police are holding firm. From the Star Tribune:

The FBI said Monday that it had no indication that the men had any ties to known terrorist groups. Local prosecutors, however, were standing by the charges.

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How early do we have to start worrying about obesity?

A recent study shows that there’s an increasing tendency of overweight babies, and this is something that parents should really be worried about. Apparently, at six months, there’s a chance you’ve already been slated to be overweight through adolescence and adulthood.

Is 21st century culture too obsessed with weight/nutrition (3 out of my last five posts have been about food and weight) or are we, as a group, so lackadasical about fitness that we’re now endangering the truly innocent?