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Woman Arrested For Hamster Neglect

This is obviously a woman who sucks….

Woman Arrested For Hamster Neglect

Police arrested a woman for neglecting hamsters at her home after her roommate called authorities, police said Sunday.


Sgt. Rick Larson said police arrested the 23-year-old on 39 counts each of two charges: failing to provide food and drink and failing to provide proper shelter to animals.


The Rock County Humane Society removed 33 live and six dead hamsters.

My first thought was that maybe she was trying to get back at the Hamsters of Doom. I mean maybe she was trying to torture these hamsters because she . . .

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Mark Foley Takes a Page out of Mel Gibson’s Book

When Mel Gibson went on his anti-semitic-with-a-dash-of-sexist rant about two months ago, there was really nothing interesting to be said. There was plenty of material there for legitimate indignation and topical humor, neither of which I thought would be particularly blog-worthy at the time.

This morning’s news about Florida Congressman Mark Foley checking himself into rehab for treatment of alchoholism reminded me what about the Mel Gibson incident had been so particularly distasteful. In case you haven’t paid attention to the media recently, (Republican– not that it matters) Mark Foley . . .

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Netflix Failure #2: Scary Movie 4

Because if your main joke is injuring your characters, then those characters had better deserve it.  And although Wayans & Co. score some points by having Dr. Phil amputate his own foot, the other actors are so boring that I can’t even muster the energy to hate them.

Oh, snap Bill!

Last week, Bill Clinton went on Fox News for an interview with Chris Wallace. Wallace accused him, basically, of causing 9/11 through his inaction (a la ABC’s mockumentary, “Path to 9/11”). Clinton reacted, to say the least. Watch the pretty sparks fly (via ThinkProgress).

Clinton’s rebuttal reminded me of an essay in the New Yorker from a couple of weeks ago where Clinton suggested the Democratic Party fight back when criticized — he said the Kerry campaign’s mistake in 2004 was that it ended up “like a deer caught in the . . .

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