Monthly Archives: January 2007

Get out of my e-mail

Man in e-mail

This guy got trapped in his own e-mail, and then sent himself to my computer. Dumbass!

I got this e-mail and I read it like it was a normal e-mail, and not the deranged musings of a crazy person, until I got to the bottom and the sender literally jumped off the page at me.

But, I think it could make a good 3rd annual caption contest. Like the New Yorker’s cartoon caption thingy, but less prestigious.

So . . . post a comment with a funny caption . . .

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Foghorns, Fierce Milk, How to Dismount a Camel

Most exciting road trip ever!Day 1: Foghorns

During our 3-week trip to India over X-mas, Pulao and I went with her family on a 1-week vacation touring the desert state of Rajasthan. We set out from Delhi at 7 AM and the roads were foggy. Extremely foggy. Like white sheets flapping in a cloud. Of milk. Bleached milk. White sheets floating in a cloud of bleached milk and marshmallows, all rolled up in the proverbial pea soup. But really white pea soup.

Our driver, Hari Singh, seemed unperturbed by . . .

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This is Gator country!

Chomp, Chomp!

Florida Gators — National Champions! Even disinterested alumnus should give a loud hooray…plus, wouldn’t it have been fun to have been in Gainesville last night when that football-crazed town won this game. I’m imagining it would be a social experiment gone awry: 50% terrifying, 25% sickening, and 25% can’t look away from the car-accident happening type of excitement…