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Update — Weed in the workplace

PotMy camera-phone takes pictures on par with grainy photos of UFOs or the black speck of the Loch Ness Monster, but if you look closely, that is actual weed on the back stairway of our office-building.

The pot smell came back today with a vengeance, and again we tracked it down to the back stairway. We just missed them — the smoke lingered in the air, cigarette butts lay on the floor, and on one step, a spilled bag of weed.

When we came back, our boss told us he’d caught them — . . .

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A fog in the workplace

Lately, our office smells a lot like pot smoke. 3 days in a row, and then after a meeting today it was particularly strong, and my coworker Jill and I tried to sniff our way through the cubicles, like drug hounds, to track down the source.

We got dizzy the closer we got to the stairwell. Looks like somebody thought the office was empty (or empty enough to get high in) and smoked it up on the stairs. Every day this week.

There’s an alternate theory, though. With the reorganizations going on in my company, the four of us left . . .

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The High Proce of Smelling Mistakjes

Here’s an IM exchange between myself and my boss today (who’s a woman):

Me: so the picture is of JOHN and Clinton?
Me: not just clinton
My Boss: correct
Me: go tit
Me: got it
My Boss: HUH?
My Boss: 🙂
Me: sorry!
Me: typos gonna cost me my job

A few seconds later I heard a bunch of laughter coming from my coworker’s cube next door, and then this:

My boss: shared that w/ Jill
My boss: could you tell?
Me: I’m catching on

I already put my boss’s . . .

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