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As you might know from reading this blog, my office building shut down and the three employees left in Minneapolis started working from home. That includes me, thank God. I have now worked from home for a full week, or as some say, been living the dream.

Let me tell you, cubicle-bound lackeys, if you’re wildly envious, you should be. It’s awesome!

At home, I can now do anything I want. If I want to get up and do that laundry that’s piled up in my bedroom closet, I can. I haven’t availed myself of that particular opportunity just yet, . . .

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Caption Contest Winners

Given Anirban’s prompting, I’ve decided to decide on and announce the winners of the caption contest winners so far. If you feel that you have a caption that can beat the rest, comment!

Contest #1

Big Cow

Winner: “Minnesota farmers continue to deny the use of bovine growth hormones.” (Kris)

Contest #2

Big Blue Bear

Winner: “Davy Crocket’s recurring nightmare.” (Steven Koski)

Contest #3

Man in e-mail

Winner: “Can you forward me that?” (dbay – though unintentional)

Contest #4

. . .

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Presidential Maroons

Last night, when you were tossing and turning in bed, trying to sleep, I bet you were thinking: “What would Senator John McCain bring with him if stranded on a desert island?”

The answer? “Books.” You’re getting those 40 winks tonight!

Check out these “Desert Island Necessities” from—presidential candidates’ answers to a question from the Associated Press: “what would you most like to have if you were stranded on a desert island?”

Some candidates went right for the loopholes, naturally: Gov. Bill Richardson answered, “a Blackberry and a Davidoff cigar.”

Good thinking, . . .

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