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What Do You Do With a Problem Like Salman?

He’s back in the news, folks. After a recent spate of badly written books, (perhaps the world’s most famous living) novelist Salman Rushdie is once again in the center of controversy after Britain awarded him a knighthood on Saturday, June 16th. Once again, Iran is at the helm of the controversy, being one of the first countries to publicly announce that Britain’s honoring “one of the most hated men in the Islamic world” is a clear insult to Islam. And once again, the conflict is centered around Satanic Verses.

The situation, of course, . . .

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on this nightly quisquiquock of the twelve apostrophes

Kris has been kindly nudging me to contribute to 12 Apostrophes for quite some time and I have held out till now. I thought why not give recognition where recognition is due and post something about the man who gave this webpage its name, one James Joyce. And what better day then Bloomsday, June 16th   ( to celebrate the work of the man and give a shout out to one of my favorite authors.

Now, I could be mistaken and Kris and Donnie please correct me if I am, the name for the webpage/literary movement came from . . .

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My cell phone is clean

I washed my cell phone the other day by submerging it in a tub of scalding, soapy dishwater, and it came out squeaky clean.

My downfall is that I don’t have a watch. Sans watch, I grab my phone to check the time. Friday night, with my right hand, I was trying to fill a pot full of water from the tap to cook some green beans. With my left hand, I was trying to check the cell phone. I should really know better than to tax my brain to attempt two tasks at the same time.

The result was . . .

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