Monthly Archives: July 2007

CNTRL + refresh

A word to the handful of pitiable souls who have read 12apostrophes, and decided to come back and try reading us again:

If the screen layout looks odd, hold down CNTRL while you click “refresh” on your browsers. In both Internet Explorer and Firefox, that clears the cached style sheet and lets you see the new, tweaked look of 12apostrophes.

I think the caption contests are fun. The idea is that the latest caption contest will now run in a left-hand sidebar, all the time. Yep, that’s it. Only took 674 hours of my life, but I now have a . . .

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This is Only a Test

I’m testing stylesheets, layouts, etc. This new text-only post at the top of the page should help me troubleshoot. If anyone happens to be reading this (doubtful!), please bear with us a little longer . . .

Now Ira’s Folks Were Hungry . . . and Their Land Grew Crops of Weeds . . .

Thunder and Lightning I

The colors don’t come through as well as I’d like from a cell-phone pic, but, in person, I was blown away.

Can you see the hair-thin lightning bolts?

I was in Phoenix last week at a conference in a resort, and I saw the painting you see here hanging on the wall. It was a ritzy place in the middle of the desert, on Gila River Indian Community land, where members of the Pima and Maricopa tribes live. So the decor and design was Native American, . . .

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