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Tagline Contest Winners

We had an overwhelming response for possible taglines in our tagline contest. 12apostrophes got all teared up. Really. Here are the winners, currently in tagline rotation:

the Flying Hamster of Doom will rain coconuts on your pitiful city

signs of the apocalypse

the most overused and underappreciated punctuation mark in the English language

has nothing to do with your father

like a mixture of sugar and clarified butter in your mouth

from your keyboard straight to god’s ears

11 infinitives splitting, 10 commas splicing, 9 future tenses, 8 passive periods, 7 subjunctive subjects . . . and a semicolon solving . . .

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Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio

I think this post breaks many of the rules set up for the wine section. I’m not even quite sure how to post this in the wine section. But I’d like to alert 12apostrophe readers to a new type and style of wine Dbay and I discovered last night. Since I can’t find an official name for them, I’m going to the name the type of wine “The Volcanics.” Named so if only because it sounds better than ‘grapes of origin grown in high mineral content soil, such as those found near volcanic eruptions.’

The first and only experience I’ve had with such a . . .

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The Fine Wines of the Sick Rooster

Sick Chicken WineTrader Joe’s grocery store sells wines on the cheap. For the same price as a bottle of “Mad Dog” 20/20, or the dreaded Night Train Express, you can get wine made from real grapes, that won’t even make you go blind.

The most well-known is the Charles Shaw vineyard, called “two-buck-chuck” (or in Minneapolis, “three-buck-chuck,” since a bottle sells for $2.99 here). Chuck is actually made by Mr. Franzia, a California vintner-type person, well-known, at least to my college friends, as the man who brought us fine varietals like . . .

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