Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

Reserving the Right to Declare my Boner

[N.B. For those of you offended by the title of this post, I apologize. I simply could not resist the double entendre]

Yesterday’s election finally proved the cynics and naysayers wrong. The defeatism evident in the public statements of men like Karl Rove and Steve Schmidt was shown to be premature, as Americans collectively proved that they are still as susceptible as ever to overblown rhetoric and political posturing. Obama supporters are elated, and they have every right to be: their candidate for president won an historic victory and won decisively. Like many people, I was overwhelmed by the announcement . . .

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I’ve renamed the states

Pennsylbama.   Floribama.  Virginiabama.  Coloradobama.  New Mexicobama.  Iowabama.

Thanks to the 12apostophes contingent, Minnesotabama.

Thanks to Kam and me, Ohiobama. We’ll tell you how we did it when we recover from pounding the pavement.  We’re going to recover by some intensive interval-type shopping.
Looks like there might also be a North Carolinabama and Indianabama.

I’ve decided to rename a red state, too.  In honor of its achievements in the preservation of openly expressed racism against blacks — here’s the results of a survey of Kentuckians conducted by my local newspaper:


Excerpt: A survey of 600 likely Kentucky . . .

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