Thank God for Ben Stein

Actually, the end times might not be that nigh! Just when you think that Ben Stein might be turning a little blue (see Kris’s post below), he reminds us that:

a) Other people are making more money than the Oil Companies. According to Stein’s logic, this is enough reason to stop complaining about the top brass raking in money while the rest of the country is under the illusion that there’s a global crisis regarding petroleum. It’s the complicated “they did it first/worse” argument that is equally applicable to children’s fights and national economics.

b)The world is easily divisible into two. Part I: the good soldiers and sailors of America fighting for civilization. Part II: “barbaric” chaotic anarchy running amuck. Thank god they’re being kept at bay!

I am so grateful that Ben Stein is able to explain the world to us in such a clear, simple, way.


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