A fog in the workplace

Lately, our office smells a lot like pot smoke. 3 days in a row, and then after a meeting today it was particularly strong, and my coworker Jill and I tried to sniff our way through the cubicles, like drug hounds, to track down the source.

We got dizzy the closer we got to the stairwell. Looks like somebody thought the office was empty (or empty enough to get high in) and smoked it up on the stairs. Every day this week.

There’s an alternate theory, though. With the reorganizations going on in my company, the four of us left in the Minneapolis office thought corporate might be trying to get rid of us. Earlier this winter, the office heating mysteriously seemed to die. Could they now be trying to smoke us out?

Man, have they ever got the wrong idea!

I find myself working longer and longer hours — and loving it. I now spend whole afternoons standing in front of the vending machines, savoring all my delicious choices. My productivity is about the same as before. What was I writing about again?

Whatever, I’m going to go grab a snack. Peace out!

5 Responses to A fog in the workplace

  1. Karah says:

    ROTFLMFAO!! Hey, I mailed you a live CD of us Friday. It’s our most recent live performance and it sounds like us pretty much. Malheureusement, I forgot the words to “Mourning cloak.” DUH! But I hope you enjoy!


  2. dbay says:

    Somehow that unrelated and fairly nonsensical first comment is the perfect comment for a post about accidentally being stoned.

  3. dbay says:

    I used to work in that same building, on the same floor. One of my coworkers got fired for allegedly coming to work high, so maybe he’s back, reliving the glory days. Well, hopefully he isn’t dead and that’s his ghost getting high, but anything’s possible.

    I’m with the corporate smoke-out theory. They SO want to burn your four asses. Have you charted the building escape routes?

    Clearly this isn’t metaphorical.

  4. Pulao says:

    I was wondering why you were getting home so much later.

  5. dbay says:

    Hey, Pulao’s comment would’ve been an excellent caption for the camel photo.

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