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This is Gator country!

Chomp, Chomp!

Florida Gators — National Champions! Even disinterested alumnus should give a loud hooray…plus, wouldn’t it have been fun to have been in Gainesville last night when that football-crazed town won this game. I’m imagining it would be a social experiment gone awry: 50% terrifying, 25% sickening, and 25% can’t look away from the car-accident happening type of excitement…

Pant-ripping train chairs

Sometimes people who design buildings, furniture, cars etc. are surprised by some of the unforeseen design flaws. We, for instance, recently had to purchase a new metal bed-frame because the free one that came with the new bed we bought made this sporadic clicking noise all throughout the night. I don’t know what put me more on edge, the clicking noise — or waiting for the next cadre of clicks to start-up.

Still, I understand that sometimes someone overlooks things when creating something. And that makes sense. But perhaps the least forgivable design flaw that I’ve seen or heard about . . .

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Guarded optimism

First off, “commerations” to Pulao on a prelim turn-in!

Secondly, in the upcoming elections, all the winds seem to be blowing in the right correct direction. And I must say, I’m hoping to have a big celebration on election night, but three things caught my eye today. None of these stories suggest that opinion in this country is changing, but it does remind me that it takes more than opinion to win in electoral politics.

It first takes a transparent and clear system for voting. And with the NY Times analysis of voting maching troubles that don’t even have . . .

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I have vacation plans on Sept 1st, 2008!

Uggghhh. What a disaster. GOP slime everywhere in the friendly confines of my hometown. The only good thing about this is that it will finally signal the end of a dark eight years. 

The New York Review of Books had a long review of Cheney’s life and history. It is really depressing. His entire life has led up to this moment: stripping power from everyone not in the executive office, starting needless wars because it fits his ancient cold war mentality, marking dissent from extremist policies as traitorous. It all extends from his living in Madison (yes, Mad-town again) during . . .

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On voting machines, Oblivion, and poker handles

First, this study by some Princeton IT folk on the ease of tampering with electronic voting machines is pretty depressing. If the US media had any shred of hope of still being the protectorate of the public interest, this would be discussed widely. Especially since here in Minnesota (and in many other states) the entire voting process is going entirely to electronic voting.

Which is why it is important to bury your head in the sand and live in a virtual world (mostly kidding on that one, I have been trying to raise this issue with local media members, . . .

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