10 Responses to Caption Contest #4

  1. Anirban says:

    The Thar Desert: Where the Reins are hard to come by

  2. Jayashree says:

    Damn Minnesota drivers–they’ll never learn how to merge onto the freeway.

  3. Matt says:

    So we got all posed for our vacation picture, and then these people jumped on our backs.

  4. Anirban says:

    “Can someone pass the straw please…”

    (What? No one mentioned how many entries you can submit!)

  5. Duodecad says:

    How long does it take a stuttering Boy George to embark?
    Camma…Camma…Camma…Camma…Camma…A Camel-eon.

  6. Anirban says:

    Lawrence of Arabia: Year One

    Ok… thats it from me as far as this pic is concerned.

  7. Aakaash says:

    They’re overtaking us?! They’re from MINNEAPOLIS!

  8. dbay says:

    I was wondering why you were getting home so much later.

  9. turgidpossum says:

    After years of a decadent life in America, Balki Bartokomous returns to the desert of his youth and finds God, converting to Catholicism in the spirit of St. Augustine of Hippo, in this absorbing TV movie sequel to Perfect Strangers titled, Perfect Strangers: The Confessions. Coming to ABC this spring.

    Allright, you asked for it.

  10. Kris says:

    Ha ha! Ha . . . wait: are you saying I look like Bronson Pinchot?

    Hmmm . . . I guess I do look a little like him. And I DO have a sheep named Dimitri . . .

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