Caption Contest Winners

Given Anirban’s prompting, I’ve decided to decide on and announce the winners of the caption contest winners so far. If you feel that you have a caption that can beat the rest, comment!

Contest #1

Big Cow

Winner: “Minnesota farmers continue to deny the use of bovine growth hormones.” (Kris)

Contest #2

Big Blue Bear

Winner: “Davy Crocket’s recurring nightmare.” (Steven Koski)

Contest #3

Man in e-mail

Winner: “Can you forward me that?” (dbay – though unintentional)

Contest #4

Camel Riding

Winner: “The Thar Desert: where Reins are hard to come by.” (Anirban)

Contest #5


Winner: “Is that a new haircut or are you just happy to see me?” (Jayashree)

4 Responses to Caption Contest Winners

  1. Kris says:

    I won! I won! I won the cow one!

    I’ll take my prize in cash thank you . . . hello?

    I think maybe, “Is that a new haicut or are you just happy to see me?” should win the grand prix of caption contests, the best of the best, the caption to end all captions. Although there’s no prize for that, either.

  2. Jayashree says:

    congrats, fellow zero-prize winner!

  3. Anirban says:

    What…no prizes???

  4. aakaash says:

    Why didn’t I win? I should have won…This sucks.
    When’s the next contest? I call winning that one.

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