Colin Powell made my day, and Obama’s

Not only did he give a resounding, persuasive endorsement, but he said exactly everything I wanted to say. Just, you know, much much better.

4 Responses to Colin Powell made my day, and Obama’s

  1. Kam says:

    That Gen. Powell, he says stuff so good.

  2. Karah says:

    Yay!! And yay for Warren Buffett, too. These guys are heavy hitters.

    Did you see the lame-ass rebuttal from McCain?

    McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said the Powell endorsement simply was more evidence that Obama is unqualified for the presidency.

    “Only an unproven and inexperienced politician like Barack Obama would have to rely so heavily on another man’s resume in making the case for his own candidacy – and it shows that he’s just not ready,” Bounds said in a statement.


  3. Kam says:

    Bounds is such a no-talent ass clown.

  4. Kris says:

    Man, that is lame-ass. They have to try to debunk the whole idea of endorsements to spin this one.

    Speaking of, newspapers around the country have overwhelmingly endorsed Obama; 115 to 38:

    Even Bush only got 8 less endorsements than Kerry in 2004. BUSH my friends.

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