Oh, they know

In Michigan, three Palestinian-American men were arrested last week after being found to be in possession of nearly 1000 disposable cell phones. They are under suspiscion of participating in a scheme to sell the phones to help fund a terrorist cell. In a similar case in Ohio, charges were recently dropped, but Caro, Mich. police are holding firm. From the Star Tribune:

The FBI said Monday that it had no indication that the men had any ties to known terrorist groups. Local prosecutors, however, were standing by the charges.

My advice to the Tuscola County Michigan local authorities: let it go. If the FBI says they aren’t terrorists, then they aren’t terrorists. They know. And they have the illegally wiretapped phone records to prove it.

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  1. Matt says:

    Heh. Caro is in the Thumb, which is the area of Michigan Terry Nichols is from. So in Caro, they know terrorism…they just don’t necessarily know anything about preventing it.

  2. Pulao says:

    So what I’m intrigued by is the mention of the passenger lists. I’m hooked when the article states that, “Officials also said they found $11,000 cash, airplane passenger lists and information on airport security checkpoints in their car.”

    Oh. My. God (I think)– what could they possibly want with passenger lists?

    Next paragraph, “Prosecutors have not provided details about the passenger lists. Houssaiky’s mother, Nada Houssaiky, said Tuesday the security information consisted of training notes for her job as an airport passenger service agent at Detroit Metro Airport.”

    The hush about this particular piece of “evidence”– not, say, surrounding the arrested men’s names, nation of origin, relatives, jobs, reported reason for the phones etc. etc, is interesting. What kind of information is this passenger list? What are the prosecutor’s response to Nada Houssaiky’s claims?

  3. Karah says:

    Yeah, this is more of the same BS. As if passenger lists prove evil intent — I thought terrorists just want to blow up planes. It doesn’t matter who’s on them. Am I missing something here?

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