Things to do in Denver when you’re alive

I couldn’t find any. At least not when you’re working 7 to 7 at the convention center. I did eat at the Appaloosa grill downtown, which was pretty good, but I made the mistake, out of overwhelming curiosity, of ordering the crawfish etouffee. In Denver.

I also saw a large blue bear menacing the Colorado Convention Center, and got the above pic, so all is not lost.

2 Responses to Things to do in Denver when you’re alive

  1. Pulao says:

    Well, I always heard that some of that fresh snow-melted-river-grown crawfish makes for excellent etouffee. Maybe Appaloosa grill is just a loosa grill!

  2. Karah says:

    They eat HORSES? Gawd, looks like Denver’s a real tough place.

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