Virginia senator’s staff wrestle blogger

Campaigns are getting dirtier and dirtier — I thought some of the Minnesota races’ ads were bad, but Senator Allen’s staff here literally stoops pretty low, wrestling a constituent to the floor. With a headlock.

As you may have heard in video above, CNN reports that Mike Stark, the guy with the backpack who was roughed up, was a “protester.” Mr. Stark, in a letter to a local news station here, identifies himself as a “law student at the University of Virginia, a marine, and a citizen journalist.” You might know him better as one of the bloggers at Daily KOS.

Senator George Allen from Virginia is the macaca guy. You know: the guy who called the Indian guy “Macaca.” At a stump speech, Allen referred to S. R. Sidarth, a volunteer for his opponent’s camp in the audience, as “Macaca, or whatever his name is.” Then, later, “let’s give a welcome to Macaca here.”

A macaca is a kind of monkey. Which seemed a very idiosyncratic type of racism. Who calls somebody a monkey, and if you call them a monkey, who specifies the genus/species? But, as an article in the New Yorker recently pointed out, “macaca” is a very common racial slur in Tunisia. Where the cosmopolitan Senator Allen grew up. Ah. Well, then.

But, after macaca and a spate of blogger-beating, Democratic challenger James Webb has pulled a slight 4% lead in the polls. So if constituents have to be beaten and insulted, at least there could be a bright side. Track all you favorite Senate races at the fine, fine site, (thanks, LeftPedal!).

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  1. Pulao says:

    What IS Mike Stark’s story? I mean, is it just careful editing that we don’t see what Mr. Stark was upto right before they wrestled him to the ground, or is it that blatant?

    Speaking of negative campaigning, and related ads, MSNBC is doing an informal poll on the funniest, dumbest, and nastiest campaign ads:

    While it’s good that politics is becoming popular (I know, I have low standards), I wonder if breaking issues down to fun, stupid, and mean is really the only way that we can all start taking an interest.

    But most importantly, how, Kris, did you embed a youtube video into your post?

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