Caption Contest #13

Once in my car, a wise-ass, kicking some Aquafina bottles out of his way in the back seat, said “Wow. You guys really like water.”

This car is trashed.

The people who own this car really like everything.

As always, come up with a funny caption for this picture.

5 Responses to Caption Contest #13

  1. Duodecad says:

    While I don’t have any clever captions, I do spy a KFC cup, a pizza box, an Atlanta road map, what I think is a Dairy Queen blizzard cup, multiple lines of tupperware, and a scary clown doll. See what else you can spot.

    Some questions to ponder while you do:
    a) how many pest guests and strange growths are also in that car?
    b) on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being toast and 10 being canned sardines, spam, peanut butter, marmite, skittles and peach yogurt in a blender, how disgusting is a sharp left or right turn in this car?
    c) why does this driver use tupperware? do they honestly care about the organized sanctity of their food items until they step into the car?

  2. Kris says:

    There’s a scary clown doll?!? I’m scared to look . . .

    I do see what appears to be a television remote control in the passenger seat, though I assume I’m mistaken.

    In the back seat, on the far left of the picture, I believe there is a small white dog. Or a Mogwai. See it?

  3. Duodecad says:

    You say small white dog or Mogwai, I say scary clown doll…

  4. Pulao says:

    It’s the new Trash for Clunkers program.

  5. unwit says:

    Rule #1: You don’t clean the trash out of the car until the road trip is over.

    Rule #2: The road trip is never over.

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