Is that the best you got?

I’m waiting for the Republicans to bring their game.  The Democrats have an intelligent, well-educated candidate [elected editor of Harvard Law Review — no gentleman’s C’s here!] who’s the most inspiring orator since Lincoln.  He’s got a detailed plan to try to drag our economy out of the sewer where it was left by Bush and like-minded rich guys after they took all the money out of it and an incredibly well-coordinated grassroots operation run by volunteers that has raised record-breaking amounts of money from combining tiny little donations from a LOT of tiny little people like me.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have as THEIR “strategy,” lawsuits attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters in swing states by trying to force the states to search for typos in new voters’ names and information and then send them the lists of dubious voters.  [Remember Dred Scott?] Colorado and Ohio and Florida.
A high point of this “strategy” is trying to disenfranchise Michigan voters whose homes have been foreclosed on, and who therefore might vote Obama, by having the state send them lists of foreclosed homes so they can see whether the people still live where they’re registered, or whether, luckily for the Republicans, in the chaos of their lives’ crashing around them, they forgot to update their registration.
This is not some random, tenuous, deniable connection — this is the White House trying to get the state attorneys to do their dirty work for them.

They also have:

a VP cadidate who routinely whips up their rally crowds into a lynch-mob type frenzy,

a candidate who can had to be coached through two debates before he could look his opponent in the face and call him “Senator,”

a plumber whom they asked to go to an Obama rally and ask questions based on false information — Joe doesn’t really make $250K a year — who’s not really a plumber [or does it without a license], and doesn’t belong to the plumber’s union.  The plumber’s union said Joe is full of sewage: plumbers in Ohio make less than $50K a year.  The plumber’s union  endorses Obama

and a weirdo who claimed she was attacked by a black guy who carved a backwards B into her face.  This is yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.  Lynchings still happen — see previous post, plus remember James Byrd, and the poor kid who got run over and dragged to death by his white aquaintances in Texas last week.

Oh, and they also have a grassroots organization of people sending out emails claiming that Obama is the anti-Christ, claiming that he’s a Muslim, and claiming he’s a socialist [Socialist? how ’bout that Republican-authored bailout?].

All I can say is, Is that the best you got?

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  1. kls4 says:

    No kidding, it’s like a bad re-play of McCain’s abysmal primary campaign. Except he’s added his sidekick Screechy Winker-Blinker.

  2. Kris says:

    The Republicans have no game. There’s no contest. And besides their campaign being lame, in every definition, it’s often immoral or downright illegal. Except, does it matter?

    I just read about two more Obama effigies being hung. Even Fox News is reporting it:

    This is not representative of the country. But you don’t have to hang Obama in your front yard to be swung by the kind of Swift-Boat-ian bullshit that persuaded the American electorate to (re)elect Bush in 2004. Bush, for God’s sake.

    You’re right; the best they got is pathetic. And the best we got is nothing less than the realization of the American dream itself. And that’s why this election inspires me — and terrifies me when I think that the best they got just may good enough for 51% of the nation.

  3. kls4 says:

    Kris’s comment just inspires me to follow the advice of Lance Armstrong: “When you cross the finish line, leave everything on the road.” Lance has explained, “When I race, I give it absolutely everything I’ve got – that way, when I finish, no matter if I win or lose, I am satisfied because I’ve left everything I had on the road.” GO OUT AND MAKE SURE THAT WE ‘LEAVE EVERYTHING ON THE ROAD’ come Nov. 4.

  4. Karah says:

    Right — you can go on Obama’s website or and they’ll give you stuff to do. You can make calls from your cell phone right in the comfort of your own home.

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