Kuiper Belt objects

It looks as if Pluto will be ‘unclassified’ a planet and ‘reclassified’ a Kuiper Belt object. Now, I’m all for greater knowledge and understanding, but isn’t this a bit of a waste of time?

I kind of feel like this would be the same thing as some group of alphabetologists informing everyone that the alphabet isn’t really ordered as well as possible and that all the vowels should be at the beginning for greater understanding. Possibly it would be a better system and more technically correct, but it brings up a tough question, is it worthwhile to re-categorize something that won’t be recognized by most people?

Certainly this has been done to great benefit and harm. There are numerous examples of new cultural identifications that have done away with years of latent bigotry. At the same time organizations have changed readily-understood concepts like ‘bomb’ into ‘payload delivery devices’ or firing a bunch of people to ‘right-sizing’.

Orwell was always talking about language like ‘right-sizing’ — the obfuscating of reality through language. But I wonder if there is another form of Orwellian language, that is some form of overanalyzing? 

Maybe I’m just rationalizing because I want to call a tomato a vegetable, a spider an insect and Pluto a planet. But is that so wrong? 



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