Lamont Won!

Hooray hooray! Lamont won! So happy.

My favorite quote out of the losing Lieberman camp, so far, is the “Team Connecticut” line. I’ve never laughed so hard while retching. Lieberman to supporters as he conceded defeat:

“As I see it, in this campaign, we’ve just finished the first half and the Lamont team is ahead. But in the second half, our team, Team Connecticut, is going to surge forward to victory in November.”

Any predictions about that? I think, after some very vocal bad-loser grumbling for a while, Lieberman will quietly bow out. The Dem establishment has to support the Democratic candidate, and I’m sure they will. If logic prevails, both they and Connecticut voters will shame Lieberman into dropping his ‘independent’ bid. But given how clueless Joementum has been in recent years, that logical step could be a long shot. 

Let’s have fun watching it play out.

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