Literary Sleuthing Question

Dear 12apostrophes readers and writers: Is there a literary version of IMDB? If not, what’s the most thorough site you know to look up books and authors? (Don’t say Amazon). I’m particularly interested in a database that lists an author’s works chronologically, as opposed to one that compiles reviews of their works. Both would be great though.

You’re all literary types—would you mind using the comments section to make some suggestions?

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  1. Kris says:

    Literary-type I may be, but it took a librarian to find these links. Last night we were at Brit’s Pub with Theresa, who works at the new Minneapolis library downtown, and she suggested “Who Do I Read Next?”:

    (You’ll need your Minneapolis Public Library card and number to access it).

    I told Theresa about 12apostrophes; hopefully she’ll come and straighten us out. Searching the Minneapolis Public Library’s “Selected Weblinks” (, I came across these sites:

    Literary Resources on the Net —
    (a way to find more book searches) —
    (searchable book reviews) —
    (a really weird way to find books by content)

    Wiki fan that I am, I think the easiest way to find a list of books an author has written is to search the author’s name in Wikipedia . . . but only if they’re famous enough to get an article . . . otherwise, for publication info (and little description), you can also check the WorldCat database (again, through the Minneapolis public library site, accessed with your library card).

    Hmmm . . . maybe that’s enough book-search linking for today. Although none of them are comprehensively satisfying, like IMDB. IMDB is so pretty . . .

  2. Pulao says:

    Also, I think there might be different websites for different periods. Jayashree recommended a great website for Victorian literature:

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