Love, Ludlow (2005)

I sure didn’t add this to my Netflix queue for its plot. Here’s the synopsis: “While she spends her days filing papers as a harried office temp, Myra returns home each evening to an even more chaotic world, where her eccentric younger brother, Ludlow, staves off manic episodes through his art. But when Myra opens her heart to a shy but endearing co-worker, her love for her brother finds a rival…and Ludlow fights back for her affection.” Meaningless jobs? Shy people with problems? Mental illness? Bonding against all odds? Stinks of Eau d’Generic Indie to me.

No, what drew me in was Alicia Goranson, better known as Roseanne’s Original Becky. I hadn’t seen her in anything since Boys Don’t Cry, so I thought she might have sacked acting for, I don’t know, data entry. My Netflix search turned this up, I popped it in, and surprise! She’s pretty good. As Myra, she’s able to be tough, tender, angry, sad, happy, and hopeful, often in the same scene. (Watch for the moment just after she argues Shy but Endearing Co-Worker out of her apartment.) She also has a pleasant, goofball screen presence that isn’t too polished to allow real emotion (see: Streep). I do have a hard time not hearing Becky when Goranson opens her mouth, but she pulls off a credible Brooklyn (?) accent and maintains it during her variety of moods. It’s always nice to see an old TV friend doing well for herself. Her cast bio says she’s spent a lot of time in theater; I hope that’s not because no one wants to cast her in movies, because if Jennifer Aniston gets to have a career, there’s no reason Goranson shouldn’t.

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