Oh, snap Bill!

Last week, Bill Clinton went on Fox News for an interview with Chris Wallace. Wallace accused him, basically, of causing 9/11 through his inaction (a la ABC’s mockumentary, “Path to 9/11”). Clinton reacted, to say the least. Watch the pretty sparks fly (via ThinkProgress).

Clinton’s rebuttal reminded me of an essay in the New Yorker from a couple of weeks ago where Clinton suggested the Democratic Party fight back when criticized — he said the Kerry campaign’s mistake in 2004 was that it ended up “like a deer caught in the headlights”. That when the Swift Boat smear campaign started, Kerry should have challenged Bush and Cheney to a town-hall debate on their Vietnam records. Clinton said:

Bush and Cheney were like me—they didn’t go. But Kerry was a genuine war hero!

Hillary, like Bill, doesn’t sit still for criticism. This might not be enough to make her electable, and it certainly doesn’t make her any less moderate, but it’s something, right?

Since Clinton’s eruption on Fox, other Dem mouthpieces, like Paul Begala and James carville, have already given it a try. Yelling back at Bill O’Reilley and what-not. But until November the only clear winner is Fox News, with a ratings-boost last week.

What does more good — criticizing Fox News on Fox News, which (surprisingly) has a 20% Democrat and 17% independent viewership? Or making fun of Bill O’Reilley on the Colbert Report, which has a 110% liberal commie viewership?

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